Lewisham: a “Dreamland” for Filming

Over the last few months, The Lewisham Film Office, managed by The Film Office, has hosted a variety of exciting shoots. Some recent releases are listed below, check them out!


Comedy Drama ‘Dreamland’ set in the seaside town of Margate explores the secrets, lies and loves in a family of four sisters. The Sky Original production naturally filmed most scenes in Margate however they did take a trip to the borough last summer to film scenes in private properties on Rosamond St and Dallas Road and on the street.  The shoot involved the local community by using a nearby school as a unit base and the hiring of a local resident across the filming period as an on set paid marshall. It is always great to see productions open their doors to local people and we always encourage opportunities for local people in the borough. It not only gives them paid first-hand experience, but it also aids the production in a time when they need additional support with their growing sizes.

Dreamland is available to stream now on SkyGo and NowTV, take a look at the trailer below!

BBC’s Jerk returns for Series 3…

Jerk is a British comedy series starring and co-written by Tim Renkow. It centres around Tim (played by Renkow), a man with cerebral palsy who tries to use his condition to his advantage. The character of Tim is based upon Renkow himself. Jerk took to Lewisham for it’s third series at the end of 2022’s summer to film in the Leegate Shopping Centre, their main location being the Soul Refresh Cafe but also filming several scenes in and around the shopping centre. The production also filmed in one of the borough’s many lovely parks, Manor House Gardens to film scenes involving the main character and a friend.

You can stream series 3 as well as the 2 previous seasons on BBC iPlayer here!

Commercials Galore…

Lewisham is proving to be a popular borough for all manor of commercials, with three taking place in the last few months. EE, Ocado and the National Lottery all had shoots taking on various streets within the borough this summer all with various elements such as traffic management, residents consultation and even a chopped in half car to allow for the camera to look like it was flying in and out the window. Jessie Trace, the film officer on 2 of the jobs said, “We get a lot of commercials who are interested in filming in Lewisham because of it’s variety in street locations, from beautiful large Georgian houses to quiet cul-de-sac’s and hilly residential roads with great views of the city. Lewisham provides a fantastic background for all kinds of advert filming – no matter what the storyline.” Check out the ads below and keep your eyes peeled for your neighbourhood!


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