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Lewisham Film Office is responsible for managing all filming and photographic permissions in the borough.

Lewisham Film Office aims to help filmmakers and photographers make use of the borough for their productions.

The London Borough of Lewisham is a wonderfully diverse borough with a wide variety of locations, providing the perfect setting and backdrop for filming & photography. Major landmarks include All Saints Church in Blackheath, the Citibank Tower in Lewisham, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church and the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill.

The borough is surrounded by the boroughs of Greenwich (to the east), Bromley (to the south), Southwark (to the west) with the River Thames forming a short section of the northern boundary.

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Here to help

Lewisham Film Office recognises the cultural and economic importance of the film industry to the borough, London and the UK at large.

We promote filming and make the process of obtaining permission in Lewisham quick and easy.

We look forward to working with you soon and helping you manage your shoot.

We believe in

Best Practice

Pressure on London streets from all who live, work and travel through has never been greater, so professional behaviour and a commitment to ‘best industry practice’ is essential.

Film London, along with all London Borough Film Offices (BFO’s), established a protocol for filming called the ‘Code of Practice’ which includes your obligations under the law.

The Film Office

Lewisham Film Office is managed by The Film Office.

We provide a one stop shop for all enquiries and applications to film within the borough. Our professional management and expertise ensures filming takes place in a safe and controlled manner whilst minimising disruption for local residents and business.

The London Filming Partnership – Lewisham is a signatory and we are committed to making the borough a welcoming place for productions whilst ensuring our borough residents enjoy the economic benefits of filming with minimal inconvenience.

Production Guild Affiliate Member

Our company affiliate membership to The Production Guild – the UK’s premier film and TV industry membership organisation for professionals working across production – aligns with our requirement and encouragement of professionalism in UK production practices.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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